Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

ACR's Statement on Racism

ACR rejects racism, hate, intolerance, oppression, and discrimination in all its forms.

Our diverse, global membership includes scholars from populations who face threats to their human rights, including threats to their lives. To these members, we say: We see you! We hear you! We support you! You are not alone! 

We recognize in particular the deep pain, fear, anger, and frustration that our members who are part of the Black community have experienced, and continue to experience, as a result of anti-Black racism directed toward them. 

Although events in the U.S. are finally receiving heightened attention, racism, hate, intolerance, oppression, and discrimination are widespread, and systemic racism is pervasive and pernicious in societies around the world.

As scholars, as citizens, and most fundamentally as humans, we have a shared responsibility to speak out and act against racism and injustice and to uphold and promote the values of respect, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We know it is not enough to simply condemn anti-Black racism, or the systemic suppression of human rights in general. More must be done. It is also time to prioritize scholarship that can be conducive to better understanding and helping to alleviate, systemic racism, and the conditions of oppression. ACR is working toward developing programming with this goal in mind. Members should feel free to contact any member of the ACR Board https://www.acrwebsite.org/web/governance/board-of-directors with ideas and suggestions about how best to proceed. We are planning an open session at ACR 2020 to discuss this, as well.

ACR's efforts at increasing safety and inclusiveness at conferences

ACR Ombudsteam: An Ally at the ACR Annual Conference

The ACR Ombuds-Team is an informal, nonjudgmental, and confidential "friendly ear" that can listen, help people decide what they'd like to do, and help them locate resources that enable their healing and restoration. It serves exclusively as an on-site first-stop for attendees at ACR events. Accordingly, the team does not keep records, make reports to the governing body, or make disclosures on behalf of persons who may have experienced harassment or similar forms of mistreatment.

If your experience at an ACR conference or other ACR-affiliated event includes harassment or similar forms of mistreatment please contact the on-site ACR Ombuds-Team for confidential assistance at: Email: [email protected]; Call or Text/SMS: +1 (218) 209-2313